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Garden Furniture and Patio Ideas

Garden Furniture and Patio Ideas


Whether you want to add some garden seating, make the most of garden storage or just get your garden looking its best, our garden ideas and tips are here to help you in your decision to . Check out our pick of the best garden sheds if you need more inspiration. And when you’re ready to tackle the project, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

When it comes to garden furniture, there is a huge range of styles and materials to choose from. Garden furniture can be made from anything ranging from metal and wood to plastic and rattan. The type of garden furniture that you choose will depend on your personal preferences as well as the size and layout.

If you’re looking to expand your garden or patio space, or to add an interesting feature or two, please have a quick read through the ideas that we’re presenting below. 


Include an outdoor bar:

Take garden parties to the next level with an outdoor bar. This will make you the host with the most and your garden the envy of all your friends.

Install a false wall and line it with shelves. Then add in a beer fridge, some hanging wine glasses and mixers for summertime drinks aplenty.


Consider using lighting: 

Not all patio ideas have to be about plants and flowers. Often, the addition of some subtle lighting can actually make more impact than blooms ever could.

Dangle fairy lights over head for an instantly magical feel or use solar-powered lights for a sustainable solution that won’t run up your energy bills. Candles are lovely but if you’re entertaining you don’t want to be constantly running to the kitchen to replenish them, so consider LED lights that will last all evening.


Think about comfort: 

A garden is for life, not just for summer. So make sure your patio ideas can work in winter too. Add warming touches such as a fire pit or outdoor heaters, which will make the space feel cosy on cooler evenings. Faux fur throws and sheepskin rugs are another way to introduce some Hygge into your garden décor and make it feel extra welcoming.


Create a feature wall: 

If you’re looking for unique garden ideas, then why not add a feature wall? This could be painted in a bold colour to really make it stand out or tiled with patterned tiles that reflect light and make the garden feel brighter.


Extend your patio with a pergola: 

If you want to give your garden more of a ‘room’ feeling, then build a pergola. This will provide some shade on sunny days and act as a pretty walkway leading to the different zones in your garden. Train climbers up the posts for an extra dose of greenery and drape fairy lights over the top for a magical touch.


Plant up an old tyre: 

One of the simplest garden ideas is to plant up an old tyre. This is perfect if you’re short on space as they can be placed almost anywhere. Just make sure you line the tyre with some heavy duty fabric to stop the soil escaping. Once you’ve done that, add in your favourite plants and watch them grow!

Garden furniture can be bought in garden centres and DIY stores, but it is also possible to find second-hand garden furniture. garden furniture can also be made from scratch, using either new or recycled materials.


Integrated seating: 

Even when patios are small, you can still use them to their full potential. Think about what you want from your space and prioritize it accordingly. Every patio needs some form of seating, for instance.

You can save space by building benches alongside raised beds. The benches provide ample seating and will save you valuable space.


Plant with ingenuity:

A small garden can be turned into a large patio space to save effort and maintenance with a small amount of turfing and restoration to the original space. You can, however, make your space even more efficient by using clever planting.

Build two patios at either end of the space and link them with a path. Add luscious planting between the buildings to get close to nature and add interest to the area. Moreover, you’ve created two zones, which is perfect for a busy family or when entertaining.


Create cohesion through stepping stones:

There is sometimes a sense of disorientation when the patio ends and the lawn begins. The transition will feel so much more natural if you use the leftover paving material from your patio ideas as stepping stones.

There won’t be any sharp lines delineating the patio and lawn, and both areas will feel connected.


Put a pretty border around your text:

Adding new borders to a patio is an easy way to add impact to a garden and a great landscaping exercise to keep your garden looking modern and well kept. Lawns of any size can benefit from creating borders by offering up some of their space separate lawn and patio ideas.

Make use of this extra space by creating a wildlife oasis with an herbaceous border or a mini kitchen garden to access sweet-smelling herbs.


With a hanging chair, you can save space:

Most of our outdoor spaces don’t have a lot of square footage, but there are still a lot of pretty patio ideas. For your seating element, use a hanging chair to save ground space. Add lots of pots to add color and interest.


Extend your indoor space to the patio:

Make your patio garden look nothing like your traditional patio garden! If you install sliding doors, you can roll back the doors from your kitchen-diner and expand the space with an al fresco dining area beyond; keep the tiles matched to create a fluid dining area.

The table and chairs could easily be moved out of the way for family-friendly meals on the weekend.

Consider the following options for zoning a garden:

To clearly differentiate between different areas of a space, use different materials.

Decks can be used for a social space, patios for a chill-out area, and lawns for sports.


Raised flowerbeds surround the paving: 

You can create the perfect area for dining alfresco by swapping grass for a patio if you only have a small garden. A raised flower bed surrounding the patio adds a splash of color and makes you feel like you are dining in a meadow.

You can paint the walls of the planters white to make the space seem bigger by attracting light.

When choosing garden furniture, it is important to consider the following:

– The type of material that you want your garden furniture to be made from.

– The size of your garden and the amount of space that you have available.

– The type of garden that you have (e.g., formal or informal).

– Your budget.

Once you have decided on the type of garden furniture that you want, you will need to choose a style. Garden furniture comes in a variety of different styles, ranging from traditional to incredible modern designs.  

Garden furniture can be made from a variety of different materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and rattan.

The most important thing to remember when choosing garden furniture is to choose a style that you like and that will compliment your garden.  

When it comes to garden furniture, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. The most important thing is to choose a style that you like and that will compliment your garden. Garden furniture can be made from a variety of different materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and rattan. It is also important to consider the size of your garden and the amount of space that you have available. Once you have taken all of these things into consideration, you will be able to find the perfect garden furniture for your home.